Vehicle Tracking

Foneology has partnered with Vodafone to bring you the Foneology Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) that will provide you with a complete set of fleet management tools.

You will have complete visibility of your vehicles including live tracking and historical data reply.

You can track your vehicles anywhere in the world, day and night providing you have access to the Internet.

A small black box is installed in each vehicle, which monitors the GPS satellite communications network and then transmits data through the Vodafone GPRS network to the Foneology VTS server, which locates the vehicle on the map.

The webpage interface provides quick and easy access to locate your vehicles as well as a detailed reporting center.



Foneology VTS supports the following features:

  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Multi user logon for each company
  • Historical reply
  • Wide range of reports  
  • Email alarm alerts
  • Email reports
  • Buzzer to inform the driver that he is speeding
  • Sensor to detect sudden impact such as an accident (VTS2 model)
  • Remote fuel cut off (optional)
  • Monitoring of fuel usage*
  • Camera (optional)


Key Benefits include:

  • Change in drivers behaviour because once they know that their movements are being monitored they will have a different attitude and will be aware that they can no longer misuse their vehicles.
  • Safer driving because your drivers will stop speeding because they know that if they speed they will be in trouble.
  • Increased productivity because now your vehicles will be on the road when they are meant to be and not parked on the side because previously the driver took extended breaks.
  • Save on fuel because the vehicle usage is monitored and driver behaviour improves.
  • Better fleet planning by understanding your fleet movements and with data you can plan strategically.
  • Trained technicians on call 24/7 throughout Fiji


For more information on our GPS Vehcile Tracking products and services please contact us today.