Phone Repairs


Foneology is an accredited authorised warranty service centre for the following manufacturers:

  • Samsung
  • Alcatel
  • Aspera Mobile / Vido / Ruio
  • Motorola
  • Sony Mobile (previously known as Sony Ericsson)

We provide out of warranty repairs for all other brands of mobile phones.

Foneology is also an authorised warranty repair centre for Inkk Mobile Fiji, Telecom Fij and Vodafone Fiji.

Foneology is the major repair centre in Fiji offering a wide range of repair services. Our clients are not only those with faulty units requiring repair but the manufacturers who have accredited us to repair their products.

Foneology is the Regional Service Centre for Alcatel for the the Asia/Pacific providing warranty repair and return services for Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific islands, Singapore and Malaysia. Foneology provides factory refurbishment services for Alcatel for their Asia/Pacific customers.


Liquid Ingression

Liquid Ingression is the term used when a mobile phone has, upon inspection, found to have been affected by some sort of liquid entering the phone. Common types of liquid that can cause damage include rain, drinks such as beer, kava and coffee, liquid chemicals, adhesives and quite frequently, toilets.

Your mobile phone is a complex electronic device and care should be taken to avoid damage by liquid. Always refer to your instruction manual for proper care and maintenance of your mobile phone.

Liquid Ingression will void manufacturer's warranties and, in most cases, render the unit beyond economical repair. Where you have submitted your mobile phone for repair under warranty, an inspection fee may apply in the event of liquid damage. We generally provide you with a quote in these instances.

If your mobile phone is considered repairable after Liquid Ingression, no warranty will be offered on the repair by Foneology. You should carefully consider your options before repairing a liquid damaged phone.

If you have had your mobile phone assessed by Foneology as having suffered Liquid Ingression, we are always happy to open the unit and explain how we have arrived at such diagnosis (charges may apply).